Military COTS Enclosure

Product Spec

  • 9U Rugged Military COTS Enclosure.
  • Special 2.16 CPCI backplane with two fabric slots, 2 CPCI 7 slot segments. 4 * P47 PSU slots.
  • 6 temperature sensors providing input for the control of 6 High powered PWM fans with up to 800 cf/m air capacity.
  • Solid construction with 3mm sides, top, bottom back and front.
  • Front air particle filter and front and rear honeycomb EMC grills.
  • Voltage monitoring for +3.3V, 5V, 12V, –12V and isolated 24V for fans.
  • Chromate 1200 finishing with front Naval grey.
  • Access door with thumb screws and compression locks to ensure EMC integrity.
  • Standard 19” mounting ears.
  • 4 off Side carrying handles.
  • Telescopic Slide mount options.
  • HADES has been designed and tested to meet the following UK defence standards:
  • DEFSTAN 59-41 (EMC).
  • BR1326A (Toxicity).
  • DEFSTAN 08-123 Category B (Temperature & Humidity).
  • JSP 430 (Ships Safety Management).
  • DEFSTAN 00-56 (Safety Management Requirements).
  • DEFSTAN 08-107 (Electro technical Equipment).

Military COTS Enclosure

We were commissions to design a custom enclosure for the military market Using Commercial Of The Shelf, COTS, products. The enclosure is designed to meet the rigorous NAVAL EMC and environmental standards. This system had to meet both physical and electrical criteria for operation and fixing.

Our Solution as photo below, is a Standard BSL product now, and successfully met the following specification.